The best choice!

From Adam The DJ
January 1, 1970

First and foremost- we had a wonderful experience with Adam as our DJ! My husband and I have pretty eclectic tastes in music, we did NOT want your typical tacky DJ playing pop music. We had pretty clear preferences about what was to be played- including a request for 35% (yes we actually asked for a percentage) of specific Spanish music. We have a loud and boisterous families that love to dance- Adam was able gauge this and keep them wonderfully entertained, seriously the dance floor was NEVER empty. We were also on a tight budget- and did not want to pay for services (laser light shows, tacky dancing….) that many entertainment companies provide. From start to finish he provided excellent and well timed music and entertainment- he was complimented by our whole family, and friends! Our photographers were EXTREMELY happy with his ability to work with them- as brides we don’t realize this- but there can be a power struggle of sorts between DJ’s and photographers. Working with him in the months/weeks/days leading up to the wedding was probably the easiest aspect of the event- he was easy to get ahold of for changes, and made sure to contact me with any questions. You work directly with him- not a company that contracts DJ’s. We really wanted music to take center stage at our wedding, Adam truly provided that! He has a great stage presence, a personality that is lively, fun, on point, and CURRENT- not gaudy, obnoxious, and over powering, as many DJ’s can be.