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Don’t Be Afraid of Music Requests at Your Party!

As a DJ, I’ve often found that clients, particularly brides and grooms, are apprehensive of allowing any music requests from their guests played at their reception. Generally, those fears stem from thinking that a completely inappropriate song will be aired and embarrass them or offend someone in attendance. While I understand their concerns, I’m one that recommends that, to a certain degree, requests be encouraged.

Why? I like to ask wedding couples this question…on scale of 1-10 (10 being most important), where would you place the importance of guests dancing on your floor? The answers I receive, on average, range from about 8 to 10. With that in mind, I explain that people will dance if you play what they like and that by encouraging their input the DJ can build a winning playlist that will promote a filled dance floor!

It is important to remember that a DJ is not a jukebox. Someone should not expect a song to be played simply because they asked for it. With the permission of the client, the DJ should always use discretion but consider guest song requests. By relying on experience and some common sense, selectively using requests and blending them with the client’s requests is an excellent formula for success.

If having your guests on your floor is of a high priority, I recommend that guest requests represent roughly 1/3 of your playlist, whereas the balance can be comprised of the client’s favorites and other tracks that the DJ has a strong conviction will lead to a positive guest response.

The old saying goes, if you want people to like the soup, let them pick some of the ingredients!

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