Frequently Asked Questions

I have had the pleasure of working at hundreds of parties over my career like weddings, wedding receptions, Bar/Bat Mitvahs, anniversary parties, birthdays, reunions, graduation parties, retirement galas, proms and graduation celebrations, sweet 16’s and other birthday bashes, fashion shows, fundraisers, block parties, corporate gatherings and much more. Generally speaking, any cause for a celebration and where great music is a must!

I will wear the prescribed or proper attire for your specific event. Generally this will range a black tuxedo for a formal wedding, a suit for a semi-formal occasion or more casual clothing when appropriate.

My client will have the most input and final say concerning what kind of music I play. During the consultation process, I will determine what kinds of music you like or don’t like. I have found that customers can run the gamut between very specific requests to non-specific and everything in between. The other contributing factors to the “play list” are guest suggestions and music that I believe would be appropriate and well received by the attendees of the event. Fortunately I always bring along a digital library with tens of thousands of songs spanning the 40’s to today’s music from which to select.

Ultimately, a DJ is only as good as he or she sounds! That is why I take my equipment very seriously. All of the equipment I use is professional grade. I am a computer based DJ which offers me fast and simple access to thousands of song titles instantly. However, since computers are certainly not infallible, I maintain an array of back up equipment in the unlikely event of a technical difficulty. All of my equipment is intended to sound clean, clear and crisp at all times. Each announcement will be easy to discern.
Yes, but only if my client permits me to do so. If I am asked to refrain from accepting musical requests but receive them anyway, I will tactfully deflect them in a way that doesn’t reflect negatively towards the host or anger that guest.
I arrive at the prescribed venue at least one hour in advance and sometimes earlier if necessary. During the setup period, I will install all of my audio, lighting and video equipment and perform all necessary tests to ensure that everything is performing properly. Your guests will arrive to the sound of music playing, guaranteed.
The majority of the work that I have done has been within 1.5 hour commute from The Philadelphia area. However, I have been known to travel outside of this region. Please notify me so that we can discuss the location of your affair and any other specific concerns you may have. Even if I cannot accommodate a date due to a previous engagement or other scheduling conflict, I would still like to help you select the proper professional for your important event. Check out our DJ service area…If you don’t see your city listed contact me at 609.686.7881.

In an effort to involve guests in the festivities, I won’t embarrass or harass a party guest or make them feel isolated or uncomfortable in any way. I would describe my style of participation-seeking as “pleasantly persistent” but never overbearing or rude. For the most part, the music I play serves as the greatest motivator of all. I will explain and teach line dances, games, contests and the like if they are requested by my client.

I recommend that you reserve my services as soon as possible (three months or more, if possible) to ensure greatest degree of availability. There are, however, times when I am asked to work on an emergency basis, such as when another contracted DJ is unexpectedly unavailable. If you were faced with that unfortunate scenario, please call me as soon as possible as I would like to help.

Definitely! I believe that the best events were not successful by accident. Pre-planning is essential for the best results. Therefore, where possible, I make it a point to connect with my client in order to pinpoint all of the essential details that will make their party unique and enjoyable. Sometimes this can be accomplished by phone but in other cases a face to face meeting is recommended. I will provide each customer a variety of materials and resources they can use to help me prepare for their event. They receive secure access to my website which allows them to easily input information on line.
I offer a high end service at a reasonable price. You can find some general pricing guidelines here. However, in much the same way a painter can’t give you a price to paint your home without seeing it first, it is helpful for me to know what your vision is before arriving at a final cost. I am happy to discuss your upcoming event to develop a customized proposal designed for your specific needs.
Yes. I maintain a complete business insurance package which provides my clients with liability coverage. Proof of my insurance is available upon customer request.