My job is to do much more than just play music at your wedding reception. First, I will gladly assist in the creation of your wedding’s timeline. Next, I’ll lend a hand in helping you select your personal wedding soundtrack – song titles for cocktails, introductions, traditional dances and more.

Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a momentous occasion in the life of a young Jewish person. This joyous event, according to the Jewish faith, marks the beginning of adulthood. What better way to celebrate this terrific accomplishment than by having a sensational party with sound, lights, games and even video!

Corporate Events

Guest enjoyment at any social gathering is greatly increased by simply adding a variety of music and conducting lots of fun activities. This is especially true for your corporate get together or team building event. I will DJ and emcee, announce, coordinate, play music and orchestrate all of the activities to make your corporate event a great success.

Parties of All Kinds

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, you can be sure that with me as your DJ, all of the music you want to hear will be played. If you aren’t sure what artists and songs would be most appropriate for your event, I am more than happy to assist you in building a perfect playlist. I am more than happy to do all of the necessary preparation.