I want to lead off by saying that Adam was an awesome!

From The Knot
July 19, 2021

I want to lead off by saying that Adam was an awesome DJ/MC for our wedding on 4/22/17 and I highly recommend him for your event! So my wife put me in charge of finding the DJ for our wedding when we were in the planning stage over a year ago. My experience with hiring DJ’s and using wedding websites was a definite zero, but having been in the military for almost 14 years I can research, plan, and execute missions all day long. First: what did we want out of a DJ? We decided on someone who’s primary skill and focus was on the music but could also keep the night on track and had a good handle on wedding protocols. We didn’t need silly games, TV screens, multiple DJ’s, clowns, sword swallowing, etc. We narrowed it down to a handful of DJ’s in our area based on reviews on multiple websites (reviews were a lot of help during our wedding planning which is why I’m happy to write this one to help others make the best choice). After meeting with Adam, my wife and I knew he would be a great choice to make our wedding day perfect. His passion for music and doing his job was clearly evident during our meeting and he had the right answer to all of our questions. As someone who is career military, I appreciate interactions with people who are confident professionals in their craft and the impression I received from Adam was right on point. Leading up to the wedding, every text message, phone call, or email I sent to Adam was answered immediately or he got right back to me when he could. I was very happy that Adam was proactive and took care of many things on his end that we threw at him. For example: we hired wedding singers for the ceremony and cocktail hour which required coordination with Adam regarding timing and equipment interoperability. Adam was in touch with the singers throughout and made sure everything was copacetic, I didn’t have to do anything. He has a website where you can easily upload your wedding/reception info to ensure everything you want is correct and we also emailed him documents with more specifics on songs and reception procedures to include the Saber Arch for my military style wedding. In advance of our final phone conference, Adam had reviewed all the information we gave him which made the planning process very easy. On the day of the wedding we had planned for an outside wedding but unfortunately the weather didn’t agree and we had to make a call to move it indoors a few hours before go time. Adam quickly made all the necessary changes to move indoors and coordinate with the wedding singers and venue (the singers had to use some of Adam’s equipment). From there the night went off without a hitch, everyone had a great time on and off the dance floor and Adam was a big part of our wedding exceeding our expectations! Adam is a true professional who definitely has the experience and skills to make your wedding great. He always put our needs first, displayed a can do attitude throughout, overcame any obstacle by being highly flexible, and really went the extra mile by coordinating with the wedding singers on his own. I would hire Adam again in a heartbeat.